Even a tranquil space needs contrast

A tranquil and understated ambience is created by light and muted natural colours that make a room look calm and spacious.

The serene mood is enhanced by a matt finish paint. Neutral and natural shades make ideal background colours and are an excellent choice for walls if furniture or furnishing textiles are to be emphasized.

However in order to avoid boredom or dullness, darker and lighter hue variation should always be apparent even in an understated space.

Variations create a contrast that enhances harmony, making it possible to achieve a highly functional yet interesting colour scheme, even when using neutral colours and natural materials.

A black and white interior is the most obvious example of effective contrast between dark and light: contrast does the trick even if there are no other colours in the room. Taking a black-and-white photograph is an easy way to check whether the dark-light contrasts in the room are effective. If the room appears to be clear and well-defined in the photograph, the contrasts are correct.

ABC of colour selection