Trend colours for 2012-2013


You recognize easily the phenomenons of today. You let the new winds blow freshly at your home. You may change the whole decoration in a minute and can blow on with big painted colour surfaces, which mode the style of your apartment easily to the fashion and new design trends.

Tikkurila's Feeling colour system includes now a new Trend Colour collection, where you can find interesting, trendy colour combinations. Trend Colours will change along time, so it is worth to keep on track.


Below you can see new Trend Colour chips selected from our Feelings colour collection, also known as Kaunis Koti.

Trend Colours for 2012 - 2013

The new trend colours have been divided into five collections:

Eco rebellion (Ekokapina), Small romance (Pikkuromanssi), Antwerp (Antwerpen), Roots (Juuret) and Open sea (Ulappa).


The inspiration for creating the collection was simple life, absence of rush, and doing it yourself.


Go through fleas and junk yards, lend, exchange, add colour. Find new use for abandoned items and alter them as you like.
eco rebellion 160x115

Surround yourself with powder and soft pastel colours. Enjoy the femininity and don't be ashamed to flaunt it.
mini romance 160x115


Sink in to the world of still life and the stability of an old painting. Create an interior with old artifacts and antique furniture.
antwerpen 160x115


Roots tied to the mother earth. True earth colours create a genuine atmosphere in your home.
roots 160x115

Open Sea

Ocean breeze from the open sea is also accompanied by fresh colours. Stripes, organic materials and smooth drift wood make for a contemporary combination.
open sea 160x115

How to use the Trend Colour chip?

The largest colour area of the chip is suggested to be the wall colour. The other colours of the chip are boosting colours which can be used for floors, trim, carpets, curtains and  smaller details.

Fancy to keep your certain, favourite item as a part of your decoration, take it to a basic element and search the suitable wall colour and boosting colours with a help of the colour chip.

Please remember that the colours you will see on the screen are not exact but just to give a hint. Please check the exact colours from Feel the Colour chips in the environment and lighting where the colours will be used.