Stop the excessive consumerism! Go through fleas and junk yards, lend, exchange, add color. Find new use for abandoned items and alter them as you like. A splash of bright yellow color will energize even a small space. Be brave and change the world one wall at a time.

Eco-Rebellion livingroomWall, Joker S300, stripes on the wall, Feelings Effect Paint K371mixed with water. Small table, Feelings Furniture Paint M329.

eco rebellion work instructions

Painting of the wall

  1. Paint the base with Feelings Interior Paint S300

  2. Mix Feelings Effect Paint K371with water in ratio 1:1

  3. Paint a rectangular stripe with a roller dipped into paint  from the ceiling edge. Apply liberally the paint and press the roller so that it will leak along the wall. Let it dry overnight.    

eco rebellion chip 54
Trend colour chip 54