Colour the mood

Create a new look for your home. Let colours and light play on shapes and surfaces. Accent one feature, downplay another. Mix and match with subtle restraint or decisive boldness.

The following eight images provide just a glimpse of the thousands of possibilities that Tikkurila Symphony's new colours can offer interior designers.

Walls: Tikkurila Symphony S309.
Colour the mood_S309
Energy: “You can feel new strength and endurance within you, and the energy to try out some daring solutions.”

Walls: Tikkurila Symphony N332.
Colour the mood_N332
Romance: “Surrounded by nature and rural tranquility. Fulfil your aims with a light touch.”

Walls: Tikkurila Symphony G363.
Colour the mood_G363
Delight: “At its best, being in a good mood allows you to see everything in new ways. Enjoy yourself and don't be afraid to show it!”

Walls: Tikkurila Symphony H384.
Colour the mood_H384
Peace: “Life is now on a safe and steady footing, appreciate your good fortune and go with the flow. Perfect your harmony and inner balance with just a few changes.”

Walls: Tikkurila Symphony Y398.
Colour the mood_Y398
Dreams: “There is always room for carefree daydreaming. Pay attention to the smallest details and everything will come true.”

Walls: Tikkurila Symphony H448 ja J448.
Colour the mood_H448 and J448
Harmony: “Maintaining a balance is essential, but beauty is eternal."

Walls: Tikkurila Symphony M426.
Colour the mood M426
Celebration: “Just a few last-minute preparations before everything is ready. A successful outcome is reward in itself.”

Walls: Tikkurila Symphony H401.
Colour the mood_H401
Rest: “Relaxation induces harmony, create the atmosphere you desire with just the right nuances.”
NB! Colours are indicative only and not exact representations. Check the colours with the Tikkurila Symphony colour samples.