Hot trends in wall decor

Various graphic figures are fashionable in decoration at the moment. Comics, pop art or even photographs offer a myriad of forms. A giant image can fill wall space so that there is no need for any other artwork. When planning a mural, remember that figures can be dominating and require both space around them and a clean, modern furnishing style.

Hot trends in wall decor Taika Pearl Glaze was mixed with the background colour to add a sparkle.

The design can be traced on to the wall using an overhead projector, for example. Project the image onto the wall and draw the outline with a pencil or paint the outline directly with a brush. For this job you may need brush of varying sizes and a small roller. The smaller the paint brush, the more accurate and sketch-like the outcome. After outlining, the small paint roller can be used to paint the inner parts of larger patterns.

Hot trends in wall decor - Jimi Hendrix This young man’s living room features Jimi Hendrix in trendy colours. The unique motif is based on a photograph enlarged using an overhead projector. The motif was painted with Feelings Interior Paint V500, with X444 for the background.

If the pattern is small enough, a sketch-like mural can be made with stencilling techniques. Make cut-outs from plastic film, or even from paper if only one pattern is to be made. Apply lacquer on both sides of the paper cut-out to prevent the stencil from curling up when paint is dabbed on. Attach the stencil with stencil adhesive or masking tape. Apply the paint with a stippler or an almost dry foam roller with mohair surface. Apply paint sparingly, too little is better than too much, as it might seep under the edges of the stencil. If the motif appears too transparent, lightly repeat the treatment.