Reflected light creates patterns

The best results are generally created with contrasts such as soft-hard, cold-hot, or glossy-matt. The Tikkurila acrylate range includes durable and washable paints in various degrees of glossiness from full matt to semi-glossy. Glossy finishes are fun to experiment with in spaces where beautiful natural light from widows falls obliquely upon the surfaces.

Reflected light creates patterns
Modern design often employs steel structures. Shiny pillars are eye-catching indoors. Here the only shade used is off-white: Joker G497 for the walls, Miranol G497 for the pillars.

Halogen spotlights can be used to highlight glossy wall surfaces. Using different kinds of gloss on the same surface creates a more vivid effect. Glossy accentuation on a matt surface attracts attention. Special effects can be low-key, as long as they are well thought out.

Reflected light creates patterns
Practical and modern decorative painting was required in a hairdresser’s salon. The grey base was painted with Feelings Interior Paint J159, and the squares in the same colour with Feelings Extra Durable semi-gloss.

Stripes and squares with organic and vibrant forms were painted in the same colour as the base, but using paint with a different degree of gloss — glossy on a matt surface and vice versa.

Water-borne lacquers, such as Kiva Furniture Lacquer and Paneeli-Ässä (Panel Ace) with various degrees of gloss, can be used to create different degrees of reflection. Using gloss for doors, shelves and skirting on an otherwise matt wall surface is another alternative. Feelings Interior Paint and Feelings Effect Paint are suitable for walls, while Miranol can be used for wood and metal parts.

Reflected light creates patternsVarious degrees of gloss stand out best with deep, bright colours. Create vivid and individualistic decorative designs by painting freehand. This Oriental effect was achieved by applying full-matt Feelings Interior Paint on a  Feelings Extra Durable semi-gloss background.


Feelings_Effect Finish_1L _1

Feelings Effect Finish


Koristi se za farbanje unutrašnjih zidova i plafona u stambenim, poslovnim i skladišnim objekatima.

The paint is full-matt
The paint is suitable for interior walls The paint is water-borne Tool: roller Tool: brush
The coverage of the paint on rough surfaces
The coverage of the paint on smooth surfaces

Kiva - akrilni bezbojni polumat lak


Za upotrebu na unutrašnjim drvenim površinama. Kiva lak može se koristiti za zaštitu i lakiranje već obojenih površina. Nije pogodan za upotrebu na podovima.

The paint is suitable for interior walls The paint is suitable for ceilings The paint is water-borne Tool: spray Tool: brush
The coverage of the paint on rough surfaces
The coverage of the paint on smooth surfaces