A Mediterranean look with Tunto Fine Textured Finish

The gentle, watercolour effect of this fireside parlour was achieved with a colourwash of a porous Tunto Fine surface with Feelings Effect Paint, colour 4689.

A lively, slightly stucco effect can be achieved with Tunto Fine Textured Finish.

Roll it on and pattern it - it's as simple as that.

The possibilities for patterning are unlimited,
as are the utensils you can use for the job.

Tunto Fine Textured Finish is best for creating an atmosphere in interior spaces without plumbing, like living rooms, fireside parlours or dining rooms.




Apply undercoat to the wall and leave to dry.

Roll plenty of Tunto Fine Textured Finish onto the primed wall. Pattern it immediately with utensils of your choice.

For example, you could use a rough pattern roller or a coarse brush. You can colour the wall with either tinted Tunto Fine or colourwash.

A Tunto Fine surface colourwashed with a sponge.

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