Doll it up with stencils

Doll it up with stencils
You get a striking contrast by applying stencilled patterns with a glossy lacquer on a pastel background. Upper wall F342, lower H342.
Doll it up with stencils

Bring a wall to life with stencilled patterns. An attractive surround or decoration unifies a room space, while an individual pattern provides a focus point.

A regular, repeated pattern gives a wallpaper-type effect. You can liven up the end result by using two different colours.

You can use ready-made stencils or design them yourself by making cut-outs from overhead projector film, for example.

Upper part of the wall Feelings Interior Paint 4565, pattern colours Feelings Interior Paint 4566 and Feelings Interior Paint 4606, lower part of the wall Feelings Interior Paint 4609.



Doll it up with stencils

Attach the stencil to the wall with masking tape.

Wet a stippler lightly in the paint and press it on the paper. The stippler should be almost dry, as the edges of the pattern will then stay clean.

Dab paint on with a light wrist movement perpendicular to the stencil.

Wash the stippler from time to time to ensure a free flow of paint.

School-aged children learn the alphabet faster when you have them painted on the wall.