Stippling brings the surface to life

Wall base colour: Feelings Interior Paint 4568; stippling colour: Feelings Interior Paint 4576.

Stippling with a natural sponge is one of the easiest patterning methods there is. For a more vivid pattern, use two stippling colours. If you use several colours, do the darker colour first, let it dry and then do the lighter one.

For a harmonious combination, choose a closely-matching the base colour and stippling colour. Stippling is easy to do with any Tikkurila acrylate interior paints.


Apply a coat of base colour to the area to be patterned and let it dry.

Dip the sponge in paint and press it against a sheet of paper to squeeze out excess paint. When the sponge is semi-dry, press it lightly against the wall. Twist the sponge in your hand to make the marks more varied. Continue stippling until you are satisfied with the result.

Take a few steps back and look at your work to make it easier to visualize.


Stippling with a natural sponge brings the wall surface to life.

Feelings Interior Paint 4568