Cracking, flaking and chipping

Problem - Cracking / flaking / chipping
The splitting of dry paint film through at least one coat thickness. Initially the problem appears as hairline cracks; and later on paint chips flake off, leading to complete failure of the paint.

Possible causes

  • Over diluting the paint or spreading it too thin.
  • Poor surface preparation or painting without priming.
  • Excessive hardening of alkyd paints and hardening through ageing.
  • Use of paint with insufficient adhesion and flexibility - choose another paint.
  • The surface is too warm - choose another paint.
  • Too many coats.
  • Painting in cool conditions.


Remove loose, flaked paint by scraping or with a stripping knife.

Clean the surface with Tikkurila Maalipesu (Cleaning Agent) according to instructions on the label, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

Sand the surface and remove the dust and residue.

If the paint has split through several coats, use an adhesive solvent-borne undercoat. 
NB! Use solvent-borne primers for lime and distemper paints and surfaces treated with spray-levelled plaster.

Apply primer to the clean wooden surfaces. Finish with a suitable Tikkurila paint according to instructions. See the product label for information on painting conditions.