Lapping on interior surfaces

Problem - Lapping
Darker or glossier area visible on painted surface. Visible brush or roller marks.

Possible causes

  • Failure to maintain a wet edge during painting.
  • Unprimed porous surfaces and uneven absorption.
  • Paint dries too quickly (humidity and temperature).
  • Uneven application of paint.


Apply a suitable Tikkurila product, following Tikkurila's recommendations on spread rate. Apply the paint with roller strokes back and forth to produce rows approximately two roller-widths wide. Spread out the fresh paint evenly on the walls with vertical strokes, but on the ceiling with strokes away from the light source or in the direction of the ceiling boards.

Divide the surface into small areas and plan overlapping in less noticeable areas above or below eye level, e.g. corners. If the surface is porous, use a primer to even out absorption.

See the product label for proper temperature and humidity during application and drying. When applying translucent wood finishes, always apply continuously in the direction of the grain for an even finish.