Poor flow and levelling

Problem - Poor flow / levelling
Failure of paint to dry evenly as a smooth film, leaving unsightly brush or roller marks once the paint dries.

Possible causes

  • Poor surface preparation. The surface is too porous.
  • Painted areas "touched up" when only partially dry.
  • Use of incorrect roller or brush.
  • Too much or too little paint has been applied.
  • Painting conditions were too warm and dry.


Apply a suitable Tikkurila paint according to instructions, and ensure that the roller or brush is suitable for both the surface and the paint. See the product label for information on spread rate and proper painting conditions. Apply the paint with roller strokes back and forth to produce rows approximately two roller-widths wide. Spread out the fresh paint evenly on the walls with vertical strokes, but on the ceiling with strokes away from the light source or in the direction of the ceiling boards.