Problem - Spattering
The roller sprays out paint droplets as the paint is being applied.

Possible causes

  • Over-diluted paint.
  • Poor-quality roller.
  • Pushing the roller too quickly.
  • Overloading the roller.
  • Putting too much pressure on the roller during application.
  • The roller edges leave marks.


High-quality interior paints contain additives that reduce spattering. High quality rollers suitable for the paint reduce spattering. Round the shape of the roller edges by cutting off excess material.

Wash the roller before painting and carefully shake out any excess water, and apply a suitable Tikkurila product. Do not overload the roller or put too much pressure on it during application. Follow Tikkurila's recommendations on spread rate. Apply the paint with roller strokes back and forth to produce rows approximately two roller-widths wide. Spread out the fresh paint evenly on the walls with vertical strokes, but on the ceiling with strokes away from the light source or in the direction of the ceiling boards.