Uneven gloss

Problem - Uneven gloss
Glossy or dull areas on the paint film.

Possible causes

  • Uneven thickness of paint coat.
  • Failure to use a primer on porous surfaces.
  • Uneven application of paint that left overlapping visible (see Joints and Overlapping).
  • The paint was applied in temperatures below +5 °C, allowing dew or moisture to condensate on the surface.
  • The paint was not stirred before or during application.


Always apply a primer coat on porous surfaces for even absorption. Smooth the surface and apply suitable Tikkurila undercoat and topcoat according to instructions.

Apply the paint in continuous strokes to avoid overlapping. An extra topcoat usually corrects any unevenness. Stir the paint thoroughly both before and during application.

See the product label for spread rate recommendations, and information on the proper temperature and humidity during application and drying.