Wrinkling on interior surfaces

Problem - Wrinkling
A rough, crinkled paint surface, typical of oil-based or alkyd paints.

Possible causes

  • The surface was dirty.
  • Paint applied too thickly.
  • Painted during either too hot or too cold, damp weather, causing the paint film to dry faster on the surface than at the base.
  • Applying a topcoat over an insufficiently cured undercoat.
  • The topcoat was unsuitable for application on the old paint coat (see Paint rejection).


Remove wrinkled paint either by scraping or by sanding. Clean the surface with Tikkurila Maalipesu (Cleaning Agent) according to instructions on the label, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

Ensure that the surface is dry and clean. Apply a suitable Tikkurila paint according to instructions. If you apply undercoat, allow the paint dry properly before applying a topcoat.

Avoid painting in extremely warm or damp conditions. See the product label for information on painting conditions, and the spreading rate.