Exterior painting


Instructions - Exterior floors

Before treatment

  • Check the condition of the floor surface and carry out any necessary structural repairs.
  • Avoid applying thick coats of paint to the floor, since they dry very slowly and wrinkle as they dry.
  • Stir the paints well before use and also after thinning.
  • Read the instructions on the product label before use. See the product descriptions for more detailed paint specifications.
  • To avoid any colour differences, ensure that you have enough paint from the same batch number to paint the entire surface.
  • Multiply its length by its width to calculate the size of the surface area to be painted.

During treatment

  • For two component products, prepare only as much paint as you can use during the application time specified in the product description.
  • Let the paint dry properly before applying another coat.
  • Avoid painting in direct sunlight. The best weather for painting is when it is overcast.

After treatment

  • Let the paint dry properly. For paints and lacquers, surface dry is not sufficient. Depending on the product and coat thickness, final drying may take anything from a few days to two weeks.

  • If there is any paint or lacquer left over, put the lid carefully back on the can to form a tight fit. Turn the can upside down for a moment to make the lid airtight. Opened and/or tinted products cannot withstand prolonged storage.

  • Take liquid paint waste to a hazardous waste collection point. Empty or dry cans can be taken to a recycling point or to a public waste disposal site.

Maintenance instructions

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