Surface treatment of thermally modified wood

Thermally modified wood

Thermally modified wood is suitable for window-joinery, doors, garden furniture and terraces. A thermally modifi ed wood surface should always be given a high quality protective coating to preserve its beautiful colour and prevent surface cracking caused by weathering. In interiors, the dimensional stability of thermally modified wood makes it excellent for ceilings, fittings and furniture; treated surfaces are easier to keep clean.

Tikkurila has developed wood fi nishes together with the producers of thermally modified wood to achieve best performance. The warm colour of thermally modified wood is retained when the surface is treated with a wood finish/oil tinted to match the original colour. For this purpose Tikkurila has developed a specific colour (TVT 318R). We recommend making a test application.

Exterior surfaces

Interior surfaces

thermally modified wood exterior th
thermally modified wood interior th

Maintenance of Thermally Modified Wood Surfaces

Use Tikkurila Tehopesu (Super Clean) Cleaning Solution to help restore the brown colour to surfaces, which have turned grey and then apply the same products as those used for ordinary wood.

The instructions apply to new thermally modified wood surfaces. We recommend that maintenance treatment is carried out with the same type of products as were previously used for surface treatment. Exterior surfaces treated with wood oils may require annual maintenance treatment. However, maintenance should be done when necessary.

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Summary of products

Thermally modified exterior wood surfaces

Decking and Garden Furniture-
Valtti Furniture and
Decking Oil Brown or
Valtti Wood Oil or
Valtti Wood Oil Akva

Valtti Base
Valtti Exterior Wax

Valtti Non-Slip

Cladding, Panels, Fences
other wooden surfaces

  • Semi-transparent finish
Valtti Base
Valtti Color or
Valtti Color Extra or
Valtti Exterior Wax or
Valtti Akvacolor

  • Opaque finish
Valtti Base or
Valtti Akvabase
Valtti Opaque (Vinha) or
Ultra or

Thermally modified interior wood surfaces

Unica Super or
Parquet-Ace or
Faxe Floor Oil

Unica Super or

Sauna: wall and ceiling panelling
Supi Sauna Finish

Sauna: benches Supi Sauna Bench Protection

Remember that tinted products provide more UV protection than non-tinted ones.
Always read the detailed instructions on the product label or in the data sheet before use.