Luja stenciled bathroom

Luja Matt

According to the recent feedback from our customers, matt paint surface has become more popular  in  residental apartments as well as in public buildings.  Extra durability is needed specially in staircases, halls and humid rooms. Tikkurila has an excellent acrylate finishing paint Luja that resists hard wear. Semi-gloss and semi-matt Luja have been used with success  in challenging spots already for years.


Versatile Luja Matt

Luja matt 10 liter can

M1 inner air certificate made in finland flag MED certificate

Matt end result is possible now!. Luja product  family has got a new member, Luja Matt. The gloss grade of Luja Matt is clearly under the limit value of matt  (≤10)  measured in 60 degrees viewpoint.


Luja Matt has an exceptional chemical resistance. The painted surface resists strong detergents and hard wear in challenging environments.  Due to the excellent properties all Luja products can be successfully used in hospitals, catering and industrial environment.  Luja products have certificate for use in indirect contact with food, and they fullfill also the strict quality and hygienic requirements of foodstuff industry.


Luja Matt, as all the Luja products, has an excellent water repellency.  Luja paints can be used in wet rooms as a part of Tikkurila Luja system, verified by RakMk C2.  Luja has M1 emission classification for building materials. Luja has  MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certificate as well, the product can be used on  the interior surfaces in ships, it has a fire retarding feature. 


Luja product family

The name LUJA and the certificates granted to Luja product family will  prove the excellency – Choose Luja!

Luja suitable for hospitals (pdf) (28.6 KB)