Nostalgia Floor Oil - for floors and tabletops 

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Colourless wood oil consisting of carnauba and candelilla wax. Suitable for parquet, board and cork floors as well as massive wooden table tops  in kitchen or bathroom. 

Nostalgia Floor Oil highlights the original surface texture of the wood providing an excellent durability and water and dirt repellency. Oil treated surface is easy to keep clean.  

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Clean the surface to be treated carefully from dirt and dust and let it dry. You can clean the surfaces e.g. with a detergent with neutral pH. Sand away the old paint, lacquer or oil layer with care, remove sanding dust. 


Spread Nostalgia Floor Oil on the surface with a brush, cotton rag or with spray. Let the oil absorb into the surface about 5-10 min. Wipe off excess oil and polish the surface with a dry clean rag.  Let the surface dry about 12 h and repeat the treatment. Normally 2 applications are enough. 


Surface is ready to use in 24 hours. Clean the surface with a damp cloth or a detergent with neutral pH, if necessary. Let dry. Treat the worn out surface again, if necessary.  Very dirty surface must be sanded before oil treatment. Remove sanding dust.  Carefully oil treated surface is water repellent and easy to keep clean.


Wash the tools with soap and water, or use White Spirit 1050.