Nostalgia Wood Wax - for furniture and panelled walls

woodwax panel

Water-based, tintable wood wax for interior wooden surfaces containing natural carnauba and palm tree wax. Use Nostalgia Wood Wax for untreated wooden or panelled walls, ceilings, doors, window frames etc. wood surfaces. Wood Wax is absorbed into the wood forming a moist and dirt repellent surface. 

Available 10 natural shades. Ready shades Honey, Raisin, Coconut, additional colours  can be tinted according to the  Nostalgia Wood Wax colour card from Ginger EP colourless wood wax. 

woodwax chair



Clean the wooden surface from dirt and dust.   Moisten the surface lighty with water, let dry and sand  down the wood fibres that rise up from the surface. Remove sanding dust. 


Mix the wood wax carefully before use and from time to time during application. Apply 1 - 2 layers according to the wood grain using sponge or brush. Two layers of wax give glossy and elegant surface.  Wood species affect the final colour and gloss. If you want lighter surface, you can add some amount of colourless  Ginger EP base wood wax. Do not thin the wood wax with water.  Handle the surfaces with one go, or larger areas 1-2 boards at a time to obtain an even end result. 


The surface is dust dry in 0.5-1 hour,  second application can be done after  1-2 hours, the surface is ready to use in  24 hours. The surface gains its final durability approximately after 1 month from application. If you must clean the surface immediately after handling, use smooth brush or damp cloth. Remove dirt without delay with damp rag or using   pH neutral detergent. 


Wash the tools with soap and water.