Supi Sauna products - find your own sauna spirit

Find your own Sauna Spirit

Decorate your sauna by creating different atmospheres. Invest on materials and illumination. Traditional, light, natural coloured wood is not the only possible choice. Dare to try various wood species and colours. Black saunas have been success, the latest trend is pure white, or black and white sauna. What do you think about delicate pearlescent shine, spotted with well planned lighting?


Surface treatment prolongs the life of sauna

Treat the wooden surfaces of the sauna, so they will stay clean and tidy as long as possible. Surface treatment protects the wood from moisture and dirt. In steam rooms it is important to use products that are penetrating into the wood.  The product to be used should not form a thick lacquer-like layer that might feel hot or sticky when warmed. One application is enough to maintain the natural look of the wood in the steam room. In the washrooms and wet rooms it is recommended to use products which contain fungicides.


Colour for sauna benches

Supi Sauna Wax Black

Supi Sauna Wax is a tintable product for all wooden surfaces in sauna steam room. With Sauna Wax you can treat benches, paneled walls and ceilings as well as doors and window frames. It is water-based protective agent that contains natural wax. Like a thin stain it permeates the wood and gives natural, silky protection. Treatment with colourless Supi Sauna Wax maintains the natural colour of the wood, because it does not deepen the colour of the wood like wood oils do.


colourless wax

Can be tinted or used as such if you just want a colourless protection.

white wax



Retains the light colour of the wood.


Grey - NEW

Gives the wood a smooth grey shade.

black wax



Creates smoke bath atmosphere.


Ready shades: Black, White and Grey.

EP-base can be tinted to the shades 3441–3451 of the Interior wood stains and lacquers colour card. 


Don't settle for the ordinary

Supi Arctic panels


Supi Arctic is a sauna protective agent with pearlescent pigment. Create luxurious, slightly shimmering wood surfaces into your sauna. Highlight the pearlescent effect with a proper illumination. Choose your favourite colour among 10 sophisticated shades in Arctic colour card. Supi Arctic shades will remain a bit lighter than the samples in the colour card, because the application is made only once, or twice with the product thinned up to 50 %. Supi Arctic is quite similar product to Supi Bench Protection. It is water-borne sauna protection for steam room, washroom and dressing room walls and ceilings. Obtain matching colour to sauna benches by tinting Supi Sauna Wax according to Arctic colour card.


Protect also thermally modified wood

Thermally modified wood has increased its popularity in sauna wall and ceiling panels and sauna benches. Heat treatment removes the resin of the wood, makes it water repellent and hygienic which makes it especially suitable for sauna. Under the warm and humid conditions of sauna the beautiful colour of thermally modified wood will fade rapidly, therefore the wood is recommended to be treated with a product tinted to the similar colour which is TVT 318R.

Don't forget to protect the grates and floors

Supi Floor Oil is a sought-after novelty which protects your wooden sauna floor and grates with beauty. Floor Oil completes the Supi sauna product line so that you will find a suitable product for all surfaces exposed to humidity. 

Supi Floor Oil can be tinted according to  the  Interior wood stains and lacquers colour card. Supi Floor Oil is based on vegetable oil that contains mould preventing agents which protect the wooden floors and structures from effects of moisture and retards cracking of the wood. Oil treated surface is water and dirt repellent. Treated wood surfaces are beautiful, stay clean longer and are easy to maintain. 


Clean the surfaces before treatment

Sauna Clean

It is important always to clean the surfaces properly prior to treatment. Supi Sauna Clean is recommended for saunas. Supi Sauna Clean, unlike most of the detergents, is acidic. It disinfects without chlorine lime deposits. It can be used for cleaning of wood, metal and tile surfaces in sauna humid areas. Available in 1 and 1/2 liters. 


Don't forget pre-heating

After surface treatment it is essential to preheat and ventilate the sauna thoroughly before it is taken into use. In oil-treatment (Supi Bench Protection) wipe off the excess oil after the preheating.


Safe M1 products

Supi Sauna Wax, Supi Sauna Protection and Supi Arctic belong to the best M1 category of Building Material emission classification. The products with M1 do not evaporate harmful vapours into the air.