Pensselipesu - Tool Cleaner for cleaning painting tools and equipment


Clean your brushes and rollers quickly and easily with Tikkurila’s Pensselipesu (Tool Cleaner).

Pensselipesu efficiently removes both water-borne and solvent-borne paint, does not contain solvents, and is mildly scented.

Pensselipesu keeps brush bristles soft and supple, so it now pays to buy good-quality brushes and rollers for decorating.

Pensselipesu is a biologically degradable substance that is easy to use. Just dip the brushes into Pensselipesu, let it soak for a moment, and then rinse the brushes out in water. Pensselipesu is ready for use “as is”.

By using Pensselipesu, there is no need for hazardous and inflammable solvents to clean brushes. All well-equipped stores sell Pensselipesu in one-litre bottles.

Cleaning brushes and rollers with Pensselipesu - Tool Cleaner

Mildly scented, biologically degradable Pensselipesu is an excellent addition to our product range and makes the final chore of cleaning brushes and rollers that much easier.

Pensselipesu is easy and pleasant to use, and is suitable for both water-borne and solvent-borne paint. After cleaning, brushes will be like new again with supple and pliable bristles and rollers soft and ready for the next job. Thanks to Pensselipesu, it pays to buy good-quality brushes and rollers, and not settle for second best. Not even professionals can do a good job with inferior tools.


 Pensselipesu  Pensselipesu
Before cleaning. After cleaning.

Easy to use

  • Clean brushes immediately after use and remove any excess paint by pressing and wiping them against the can rim.
  • Then dip the brushes into undiluted Pensselipesu and allow them to soak for 10 minutes.
  • “Stipple” the brushes against the bottom of the Pensselipesu container and press excess cleaner out against the rim.
  • Rinse the brush in water and dry. For best results, rinse out with soap.

  • Pensselipesu also works with partially dried tools. Allow Pensselipesu to react for a longer period, e.g. for 1 h or overnight, and scrub with a cleaning brush if necessary. If there is no time, leave the tools to soak in Pensselipesu and clean them later.

  • Pensselipesu solution can be reused several times, as it retains its effect even when mixed with paint residue. A good method is to let solid residue settle at the bottom, and decant the solution into another container.

Technical specifications

Pensselipesu is a mildly scented, biologically degradable product. It consists of coconut butter acid esters, various alcohol ethoxylates, carefully chosen surface-active substances, and water. This compound evaporates very slowly and is non-inflammable. It easily penetrates into the roots of the bristles and effectively emulsifies the paint away.

The product does not damage plastic, rubber, glass, or wood. It must not be allowed to freeze.

Although it is biologically degradable, remember that the cleaning solution will contain paint residue that must not be poured down drains, on to the ground or into the water system. For this reason, allow paint residue to settle in the Pensselipesu solution, and take it and other paint waste to a hazardous waste disposal plant.

A versatile product

You can remove paint stains from protective clothing, gloves, ladders, etc. by rubbing them with a coarse rag soaked in Pensselipesu and then rinsing with water.

Pensselipesu is also useful for removing relatively new graffiti. Soak the graffiti with Pensselipesu, rub with a coarse rag and rinse, and repeat if necessary.

Pensselipesu is a highly versatile product that will not let you down you. Pensselipesu is efficient, safe, and pleasant to use, and is suitable for both professionals and DIY decorators.

(taken from an article in “Tikkurilan Viesti” magazine, no. 2, November 2003)
Ilkka Vehmaan-Kreula, researcher
Tikkurila Oy

Tool Cleaner

Pensselipesu - sredstvo za čišćenje alata


Koristiti se za čišćenje alata nakon bojenja uljanim bojama, alkidnim bojama i lakovima, kao i vodenim disperzivnim bojama. Pensselipesu će veoma lako ukloniti ostatke boje sa četke bez oštećenja vlakana. Koristi se i za uklanjanje blago osušene boje. Neće oštetiti drvo, sraklo gumu ili plastiku.