Tikkurila fillers for lasting results

Tikkurila Presto

Ensure good results by carefully levelling the surfaces to be painted. Each coat should be uniform and long lasting. Filler is chosen to suit the requirements of the job in hand. These fillers are easy and safe to use on interior surfaces.

Tikkurila Presto products

A good base surface is essential for successful painting and wallpapering

Follow these easy instructions

  • ensure that the base is clean, dry, and firm
  • ensure that the wallpaper is firmly stuck to the wall and remove any loose strips before treatment
  • sand down any hard or glossy surfaces
  • remove all sanding residue
  • using a wide steel spatula, spread the filler on to large wall surfaces with firm strokes
  • a narrower spatula is useful for small objects such as furniture
  • two coats of filler should usually be applied, according to filling ability
  • filler coat thickness must not exceed its filling ability (shown in mm)
  • once dry, sand down the filler
  • use sandpaper grit 100–150 for sanding wall filler
  • use sandpaper grit 150–240 to sand furniture for gloss paint
  • remove all sanding residue before finishing

Tikkurila Presto instructions


  1. Presto LF for gypsum board and concrete surfaces, and partial or complete filling of relatively smooth surfaces
  2. Presto LF for hiding nails and screws, and smoothing down old wallpaper
  3. Presto LF for sealing board joints and applying sealing strip
  4. Presto LV for smoothing in humid areas, e.g. bathrooms
  5. Presto Furniture Putty for preparing furniture for painting

Ready to use Presto fillers


Small superficial repairs, hiding nails and screws. Smoothing down old wallpaper.

Partial or complete filling of gypsum board and concrete surfaces.

Sealing board joints and sealing strip application.

Presto LF Renovation Filler (Presto LF Remonttitasoite)

Colour: off-white Filling ability: 4 mm Light filler, fine

200 ml

500 ml

3 l

10 l

Small scratches and cavities

Presto Rapid Filler (Presto Pikasilote)

Colour: white

Filling ability: 1 mm

200 ml

500 ml

Walls and ceiling in humid areas, e.g. bathrooms

Presto LV Humid Room Filler (Presto LV Märkätilatasoite)

Colour: livid (blue-grey)

Filling ability: 4 mm

3 l

10 l


Furniture, doors and window frames

- scratches and cavities

Presto Kalustekitti (Presto Furniture Filler)

Colour: white

Filling ability: 1 mm

200 ml

Spakkeli Wood Putty


- Furniture, wall and ceiling panels, floors

- cavities, cracks, knot holes

Spakkeli Wood Putty (Spakkeli Puukitti)

Various colours to suit  wood species: birch, pine, oak, beech and dark mahogony. Filling ability: 1 mm.

500 ml

Create splendid wall texturing with filler

Tikkurila Presto filler surface

Create splendid, vibrant wall texturing with filler. The paint and colour of your choice add the finishing touch to an authentic atmosphere.

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